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J-rock ideas

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Welcome to jrock_ideas, a brand new community for all of us who write or read j-rock fanfiction. The community was born in order to give all the fellow j-rock fans a place where they can discuss about writing and reading and pretty much everything related to it.
This community is for j-rock in general so no matter what band or pairing you like feel free to join and discuss about them.

1. Be nice. No pairing/band bashing or being rude towards other members or the like. We are here because we love j-rock so regardless of your favourite bands or pairings or whatever the main point is to have fun.
2. Use English in your post and comments. Mostly at least.
3. Any unwanted/rule breaking/offending posts and comments will be deleted. If a person breaks the rules they will be warned or banned, depending on the seriousness of the situation.
4. Don't delete comments. If someone posts rude or offending comments to your entry inform the mods and we'll take care of the situation.
5. No anti-anything is accepted. (Anti-pairing, anti-band, anti-member...)
6. You can advertise your community/website as long as it's j-rock related.
7. We're not here to criticize anyone's writing, fics, pairing preferences, writing style and so on. We can recommend fics here but let's leave it to that, shall we.
8. LJ-cut is a friend with long posts and graphics.
9. Use the subject line. If you're talking about, say, a certain pairing in your post, write that pairing in the subject line.
10. No posting of actual fics here. Part of fics, that is fine. But if you for example are after con-crit you can include a link to your fic in your post.

What you can do:
For example you can
~ discuss about (your) fics
~ discuss about writing
~ search for a beta-reader
~ offer yourself as a beta-reader
~ ask for con-crit for a certain fic(s) of yours
~ offer prompts
~ recommend fics
~ ask for fic ideas
~ share your own fic ideas, dialogues, parts of a fic etc, especially if what you're after is to get help with continuing the fic or to offer those ideas for someone else to write
~ ask for advise with writing
~ search for a RP partner

Basically, pretty much anything concerning j-rock fanfiction. ^-^

How to contact the mods:
Mel: daishimel@gmail.com or drop a comment @ daishimel
Myv: lokinrollkozi@yahoo.com or drop a comment @ grottescaa

The community banner is made by papercaramel. If you want to promote this place feel free to use it in your user info page.

***Want to become an affiliate? Contact me at daishimel@gmail.com or use the first post.


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